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    5 Tips for Finding a Remote Job

    There’s nothing like waking up each morning knowing you don’t have to compete with traffic, fight people on public transportation or even rush to get dressed. My last position was as a Mobile UX Architect, and in that position, I was able to work from home 100 percent of the time. That’s right — every day I worked from home, eight hours a day. Every morning, I went to the gym, cooked breakfast and chatted on the phone with my retired mother before starting my work shift. I had never been so calm in my life — a stark contrast from when I was traveling 90 minutes to work each way in my previous role.

    When I resigned from that job, I vowed to myself that I would only search for and consider remote jobs. Luckily, as an information technology professional, it was easy to find remote job options. As I began my search, I developed my own remote job search formula. This helped me not only maximize my options, but also helped me save more money — when you work from home, you skip out on so many hidden work expenses like gas, eating out for lunch and dry cleaning for formal clothing.

    Sound like a dream? You too can find remote work if you search daily utilizing these six key components.

    1. Identify Careers that Support Remote Work

    2. Leverage Remote Job Search Keywords

    3. Leave Out Location Constraints

    4. Create Remote Job Alerts

    5. Find Out Which Companies Hire Remote Workers